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Exploration of the differences of sound spatialization between the platonic solids : in geometry, a Platonic solid is a convex, regular polyhedron in three-dimensional Euclidean space.

Sound entering these different structures, takes its shape and inherits its geometric properties. 

It is therefore of particular interest to be able to observe the physical and sonic phenomenon in these remarkable polyhedra. 

More than the quality of the sound, here we observe how the different sound waves are positioned autonomously and absolutely uneven within the structure. 

How does a dodecahedron sound? 

How does an octahedron sound? 

How does an icosahedron sound? 

How does a tetrahedron sound? 

How does a cube sound? 


This is the first collection of the pure investigation of remarkable polyhedra. 

After the Platonic solids follow those of Archimedes, those of Catalan and then arrive at fractals, contemporary and future harmonies.

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