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Searching for the maximum freedom of movement and the «purity» of the vibration, the idea of wanting to suspend and make the investigated geometric structures fluctuate. From this need and curiosity comes ICSHDRNlvt (levitating icosahedron).

It is one of the Platonic solids which, thanks to a magnetic levitation device that holds it suspended, is placed in vibration without any external contact. The prototype, presented on display at the Rossana Orlandi gallery, has a base segment length of 10 cm. In the realization of the final product, the solid will be bigger offering greater intelligibility on the origin and the natural spatialization of the sound in the figure.


The solid, equipped with internal technology, resonates at 360 ° orbital, free and effective, because it is deprived of the need to lean on. The solid is manifested in its geometric purity, without buttons and without recharging holes. The solid can be held suspended or can be picked up, transmitting musical pleasure on a tactile as well as auditory level.

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