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Starting from the complexity of the phenomena and structures investigated, this product arises from the desire to create an object that is easy to disseminate and understand. Easy to combine in various domestic or everyday contexts.

The sound comes out directly from the material with which the sound object is constructed. Diffusion occurs mainly from the vibrations transmitted and amplified by the wooden part, but also by the plaster part and by the metal closing collar. The object has no holes or any technological vestiges. It is recharged using a wireless charging device that can be inserted in a special base (optional), or be hidden in the undertop of any piece of furniture. An available version is also the one where the packaging becomes a white pedestal on which to place HMSPHR (as happens during exhibitions). The beauty of this object comes from its functional sonic expression.

This sound object also investigates how proportions and harmonic constructions are such in visual as well as sound terms. But if one day, its function should be destroyed or forgotten, it will remain an object of visual beauty capable of stimulating the curiosity of the observer. In addition to offering a pleasant hearing experience, it also offers a tactile enjoyment.

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